Shield of God.

Using the pearls of His wisdom and the light of His truth to protect us in this world. Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Spiritual Warfare and Obtaining the Shield of God

The Tree of Knowledge, painting by Lucas Crana...

The Tree of Knowledge, painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It isn’t a coincidence that we are presented with deceit and illusion as being present from the very beginning of Creation.  The serpent made his way to Eve and convinced her to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, which was something which God had forbidden Adam and Eve to do.

The issue is placed before us for us to understand, in the open, from the very beginning…good and evil exist in the same realm.  According to the Bible, God had originally intended to shield his creations, Adam and Eve, from evil by forbidding them to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  Eating this would expose them to a particular situation : that evil and good both exist side by side.

As a result of eating from the fruit of this tree, all of the descendants of Adam and Eve were forced to use discernment, to have to live among evil and to be forced to having to distinguish between good and evil in order to survive.

It isn’t always a simple task to do. Evil is not always apparently dark.  Many times it shines with a light, hiding its true corruption. Like they say, “all that glitters isn’t gold”.  Well, that is true.

The serpent is shown as deceiving Eve by tricking her with a very tempting illusion….in a few words, he convinced her that she will become wise like God if she were to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree.  He promised her light, wisdom and knowledge like those of God – all obtained by eating this particular forbidden fruit.

The darker forces often use the weapon of illusion to try to ensnare us into their lot.  They like to convince people that they can be or are gods.

Look at the deceit. Can a person, a product of Creation, ever be godlike?  You can not be god like, and human at the same time!  That is their attempt to diminish Christ’s status as God’s Son in human form and “allowing” us all to claim the same divinity.  Can a person create a universe or a world?  No! Then how can we be a god? The illusion is out there that we can create our reality – that is a well contrived lie.  We are able to determine many events in our life, but we can’t “create a reality” just like we can’t “create a world” or “create a soul”.  People mindlessly fall into these traps.  It is easy to feed these lies to people if their egos are in a weak state.  It is easy to trick these egos, they prefer to view themselves as “creators” and not “created”.

Satan and his crew have developed the most alluring illusion convincing people that they can “create”, that they are Christs, that they are gods.  This is one of the most cunning illusions that exists to this very day – used in many cleverly masked ways to draw people away from the true Light of God and throwing them onto paths of false light (masked darkness).

And this deceitful illusion was used to trick Eve, and it still is being offered to society today, in many different guises.  But it never ceases to be a “fruit” which corrupts our nature.   There is much to be said about the power of illusions and their hidden presence in this world.  The Bible provides the ability to discern so as to not fall prey to these traps.  It points out the presence of these illusions and traps from the very beginning of creation, with Eve and the Serpent, but Christ taught extensively about this very issue of spiritual warfare, and it was a common theme in the books of the New Testament.

The Bible provides  wisdom and knowledge that unveils itself according to our need and understanding.  It is very much “alive” in that sense, which is why it is sacred and not just ordinary volumes of stories and recorded history.

Personally, I think that there are layers and layers of knowledge and wisdom in the Bible.  It is written in a way which allows for all to take what they can and need to understand at the given place and time of their spiritual lives.  After all, Jesus taught mostly in parables, and everyone received what their spirits needed from these parables  according to their individual situations, and these parables were able to nourish all spirits regardless of how ignorant or insightful the listener was .

There are those people however that see the texts of the Bible as Word that should be taken literally, and others, like me, see it as Word which is rich in symbolism and should be interpreted as such.

The point of the post, and the blog, however, is not to impose  my interpretation of any biblical passage on others, nor to incite, challenge and drive others to defend their views whether it should be interpreted or taken literally. We must not foster division.

The point is that regardless as to how we read  the Bible,  we must all realize that the dark forces and the evil which these forces generate were present from the very beginning, and exist here to this day.  They are dark, void of  Divine Light.   And the whole purpose behind their existence is to fight against the Light of God.

English: Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil עב...

English: Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil עברית: חטא עץ הדעת – ד”ר לידיה קוזניצקי (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a spiritual warfare going on.  It has been made evident to us that is has existed from the very beginning, and it is still raging today.

We can not fight evil with evil.  We should not dwell on evil either, giving excessive attention to its ways, that would be giving it a place in our lives.  Yet we need to understand that there is an enemy, that we are in the middle of an unseen war, and we need to understand the tactics.  (see the following posts for more on the cosmic war).  The best way to engage in spiritual warfare, to defend the Light of God and to never give any room for darkness to enter your life is to follow the path that Jesus Christ laid out before us.

As we nourish our physical bodies with food, we should also nourish our spirit with the teachings of Christ and not be afraid of the crosses that we each must bear on our journey in this world  along the path towards our salvation.

In order to reach us today, His Word had to remain alive here on Earth. Christ kept His Word alive for us here today, as alive as it was when He was physically present on Earth approximately two thousand years ago.

He came, He spoke, He taught, He showed the Way and these very actions became seeds. These are seeds which bear the fruit of His Word, they bear Light, Purity, Love, Peace, Charity and Gratitude. These are the only fruits that we should be taking for our own spiritual nourishment .

Christ “planted” those seeds when He walked the earth so that we can still reach out to Him, and He can reach out to us, thousands of years later.

This is why the very presence of His Word, the very presence of His Wisdom, Ideas, Teachings and Love still with us today and very much alive.  If we feed our spirits just with these (soul food !), we will be able to grow spiritually, and place ourselves in His fold, on the path that He laid out for us, and we would then belong to His Kingdom.

By nourishing our spirit with these fruits we can be “in this world, but not of this world”, because we would be living according to His teaching, in the manner that God has intended, following His Son, and being  protected from the dark and evil that is predominant in this world.  By following Christ, we literally are protected with spiritual armor, or the shield of God, when we live according to Christ’s teaching.

There are two places where we can best receive His Word.

These best sources  are from your own personal journey into the teachings of the Bible, and from your own personal prayers and communication with God our Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and with the Holy Spirit, the life-bearing force.

The Peace of the Lord be with you always.


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  1. Thank you for the link. God bless you!

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