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Meteorite? Abaddon? What is Asteroid 2012 DA14 that is expected in hours from now?

Christian's Combat With Apollyon

Christian’s Combat With Apollyon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The latest news say that 950 people, at the moment, are receiving medical attention as a result of the meteorite landing in Russia.  Two are in intensive care.

Is this a meteorite that just happened to fall? Is this an arrival of something ? Are we looking at some sort of mobilization of Gog?  Is this meteorite actually the fifth angel of the Revelation opening up the abyss with the key and releasing Abaddon, or Apollyon ?

It is also very disturbing that this tremendous occurrence (or perhaps biblical event) is happening  just hours before the arrival of the  Asteroid 2012 DA14  which we know will skim by the earth.

The fifth trumpet

What is happening?



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