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Spiritual Warfare – Spiritualism and Dangers of the Occult.



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6 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare – Spiritualism and Dangers of the Occult.

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  2. Dear Spiritual Warrior, thank you for posting this! I’ve heard Carol Matrisciana speak on-line and read some of her books, but that was a while ago. It’s good to get the facts again here, about the basis for the “new thinking” for “a new world.” Lord bless you!

    • Maria, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think that discernment is crucial right now, and Caryl Matrisciana is on target with the deceptive and manipulative trends that have been seeping into Christianity and society. God’s blessings and peace to you!

      • Yes, discernment is crucial – we MUST have it and God gives it. I agree with Caryl that the dangers are the worst when they are within the Church.

      • It is a tremendous challenge to stay on top of things, to be able to discern to the best of our abilities. People tend to blindly trust anything popular and trendy as well as anything ‘different’. We need to get the message out for people to “test” things first, if they don’t seem to be in harmony with the Sriptures, and the doctrine and the Way of Jesus, then it is from the other camp. We don’t have a grip at all on the “unseen” world, so we can’t play around with contemplative states and altered states of consciousness achieved from yoga,for example, because our guard is not up and we are not protected in that state of being. The Bible tells us these things, but we need to be able to apply them to our lives as they are now, bombarded with all of these things that are being fancifully presented. It’s just tragic that it is so difficult, almost impossible, for many to even believe that there is a danger in so many popular and seemingly innocent new age trends, beliefs and practices slithering into the Church.

  3. Keep sounding the alarm, spiritual warrior! I appreciate your reply. Yes, we need to get the message out for people to “test” things first; and, yes, it is tragic that it is so difficult – as you’ve said, almost impossible – for Christians to believe that there is danger out there, that it’s dangerous to stray from God’s revealed will.

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