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Ariel Sharon and the Prophecy

State of Israel Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, ...

State of Israel Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, pictured during a defense meeting held at the Pentagon in Washington, District of Columbia (DC). (Released to Public) DoD photo by HELENE C. TIKKEL, CIV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ariel Sharon, the former prime minister of Israel, has been in a permanent vegetative state since suffering a massive stroke on January 4, 2006. For the past seven years, a respirator and a feeding tube have kept him alive at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, Israel. He has never shown any reliable signs of awareness or consciousness – until last week.

The stroke left the man once dubbed by Israelis as “the Lion of God” bedbound and technologically dependent on machines for his existence.

via Brain test results don’t mean Ariel Sharon will ‘come back,’ bioethicist says – Vitals.


Is Ariel Sharon being kept alive all these years?

The death of Ariel Sharon is believed to be one of the signs of the imminent Second Coming.

Ariel Sharon is mentioned in a very powerful prophetic statement made by the leading Orthodox Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri.  The Rabbi, before he died, claimed to have received a powerful message from the Messiah, Yeshua.  Rabbi Kaduri proclaimed to the Jewish people that the name of the Messiah is Yeshua.

After a long time of prophetic dreams and visions, the leading Orthodox Rabbi/Teacher/Scholar made it known to the hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews that followed his teachings that Jesus is the Messiah.

Yeshua spoke to Rabbi Kaduri in a vision.  He told the rabbi that He will return after the death of Ariel Sharon.

And Ariel Sharon is being kept alive all these years.

You can see the video of Rabbi Kaduri here.


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