Shield of God.

Using the pearls of His wisdom and the light of His truth to protect us in this world. Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

LAM-ELISA and Elisa Lam

Serve Him in the Waiting

close up of Dewy Spider Web

Photo Credit: Sandra T. Lloyd ©

Best I can tell, this story originates on the website God-Like Productions  (and this is not an endorsement of that site).

What is LAM-ELISA?

LipoarAbinoMannan Eenzyme-Linked Iimmunosorbant Assay: A definitive (rule-in) test for co-infection of  Tuberculosis and HIV.

I got this info in an e-mail from another watchman on the wall,  Wyman Au/Dr.Gold of Gods Hidden Nuggets For the Endtimes  (Thanks Dr. Gold!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cut and paste from Dr. Gold’s email:

Recently, a young Chinese girl from Vancouver visited LA, & stayed at the Cecil Hotel, which has a very long, dark & macabre history. Reported missing, she was found naked in a tightly covered water tank after a futile search for her, even using dogs who could not sniffed her out! Complaints by hotel guests of the bad tasting water caused a…

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