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Feminist Indoctrination: From The Super Bowl To You

Worthy Workman Ministry

Speaking about the scene at his workplace, one Christian brother said that he sometimes noticed married women huddling up to discuss the flaws of their husbands. This man made the point that in almost every case, the wives sought advice from women who were divorced–sometimes, the amateur counselors even had more than one failed marriage in their past.

“Why do you think that is?” the brother asked. “Don’t you think they would consider counsel from a lady who’s thirty years into a marriage?” These are excellent questions. If you need a building constructed, do you hire an engineer whose buildings are collapsing after a few years? When you want your teeth repaired, do you find the dentist with the worst online ratings in town, who leaves his patients needing a tube of Fixodent? Of course not.

But these women, and countless others, are going to ask the coworkers, family and…

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