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Joseph of Arimathea and David’s Throne in Britain!

I can’t attest to the historical accuracy of this article, especially when discussing Jesus’ early years that are not accounted for in the Bible.  However, it is a fascinating read, and it could very well be true!

Absolutely fascinating….King Arthur, Glastonbury, Avalon, Jesus having been to England, the Throne of David and much more….

Below is an excerpt from the introduction….

…To most readers of the Bible, therefore, Joseph of Arimathea is remembered in passing as the rich man who took the body of the Messiah down from the tree and placed it in his own private sepulcher. He then silently passes out of the Scriptural record leaving no trace whatsoever in the Word of YEHOVAH God!

As E. Raymond Capt notes: “Strangely, the Bible has nothing further to say about Joseph of Arimathea, following the crucifixion. Surely this man who was a disciple of Jesus; who had shown rare courage in begging the body of Jesus, would have become a close follower of Christ after the transforming experience at Pentecost. The Bible never mentions him again, yet we are not left in the dark concerning the DOMINANT ROLE Joseph played in the spreading of Christianity.” (The Traditions of Glastonbury. Artisan Sales, Thousand Oaks, CA. 1983, p. 21).

WHO was this man who, in all probability, risked the wrath of the Jewish authorities when he requested the body of the Messiah for burial?…

via Joseph of Arimathea and David’s Throne in Britain!.


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4 thoughts on “Joseph of Arimathea and David’s Throne in Britain!

  1. I’m not sure the connection, but the Vatican has gained authority from Israel to take control of the (alleged) Upper Room which sits over the (alleged) tomb of David for the purpose of putting a ‘Throne’ there… Makes you go, ‘Hmmmmm….’

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