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Obama To Demand Israel Withdrawal From Judea & Samaria?

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

By Joseph Klein Front Page Magazine

Waiting until his second term, Barack Obama has finally decided to visit Israel in his official presidential capacity, beginning on March 20th. Obama will also be spending several hours in Ramallah to meet with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Freed by his re-election from domestic political constraints, Obama can be expected to vigorously renew his call for Israel to retreat back to the pre-June 1967 lines with minor land swaps and to continue to refer to “East Jerusalem” as the capital of the new Palestinian state.  He hasn’t asked the Palestinians to give up their insistence on the so-called “right of return,” which would send potentially millions of Palestinian refugees back to live within the land of pre-June 1967 Israel and effectively destroy its Jewish identity. Don’t expect him to do so on this trip.

Obama will be facing off with a politically weakened Prime…

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