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Using the pearls of His wisdom and the light of His truth to protect us in this world. Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Samaritans Among Us

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tel danJereboam, son of Nebat was the man who split the kingdom of Israel away from the kingdom of Judah. God was in the separation, he said he was. God even came to Jereboam and told him if he would keep the ways of Torah, he would establish his dynasty. To be fair, Jereboam did this after a fashion. He established the Torah as the religion of Israel. He built two temples, in Dan and Bethel. He made them similar to the Temple in Jerusalem, with a few “modifications.” The first issue, was that he said anyone could be a Kohain, a priest; doing away with the requirement to be a descendant of Aaron, or even the need for someone to be a Levite. In our egalitarian society, that would not seem to be a big deal, but since it was a command of God, to Him it was a big…

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