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Demonic Bhuddism ?

I believe that God has a purpose for allowing many non Christian faiths to flourish.  These faiths serve a purpose to fulfill prophecy – at least that is a purpose that is visible to us.

All of our attention regarding these faiths has focuses primarily on the role of Islam and their persecution of Christians, their hatred towards Israel and the permeation of their culture in the West.

Hinduism and Buddhism are the  eastern religions that have influenced new age thought/belief systems the most.  These new age ideas have permanently entered western culture in a seemingly innocent and innocuous way – such as yoga, feng shui, reiki, etc..  There are many practices attributed to these eastern religions that have made their way into the Christian Church,  such as meditation and the adaptation of mantras as influenced by the breath prayers of the early Christian Desert fathers.

Many Christians do not feel threatened from Buddhist practice because there has been no history of Buddhists persecuting Christians throughout history to create a cultural meme, and Buddhism has always been perceived as a peaceful philosophy.  Western culture has been adorned with laughing Buddha statues, and the concept of buddha coexisted peacefully with the west.  It eventually became very fashionable for many westerners to adopt Buddhism as their faith, and Tibet became vogue.

Buddhist belief involves spirits.  There are many spirits that exist in the unseen world and the Buddhists contact them in specific rituals.  The Dalai Lama conducts an annual consultation with oracles, a ceremony which involves a spirit taking over the body of designated mediums.  The Dalai Lama consults with this spirit regarding spiritual matters and matters of state.

For the first time, the Dalai Lama gave his permission for this ceremony, which is attended by so many Buddhists,  to be filmed.  Below is the documentary, and I warn you that it may be disturbing to many.

This is outright conjuring and consultation with unseen forces.  It appears to be demonic possession.  Why then am I posting this, you may ask?

I am posting this because there is a darker side to Buddhism than the flowery, peaceful aspect that has been promoted in the West.  If you see the ritual, you will understand what I mean.   This are many non suspecting Westerners who may be disillusioned with their spiritual experiences so far and are seeking answers in peaceful Buddhism.  The peaceful approach to world politics expressed by the Dalai Lama in his views may attract many unsuspecting Westerners who never embraced Christ and who are upset with the violent conditions of the world today.

The Dalai Lama makes it very clear on his site that Buddhism is a faith that has no belief in a creator.  It centers around the human.  Today’s counterfeit Christianity is trying to instill the same message.  Look at the modern Bible translations, the way certain Churches have become industries, the contorted and twisted way the media and many ‘teachers’ profess the Gospel.  It is all about the individual today in order to excuse the vile and sordid behavior of society.  Christ is being taken out of the scene for many.  So many people are going to be engulfed by faith systems that have distanced themselves completely from Christ and by systems that never have included Him or God, which acknowledge,  however, a world of unseen entities.

We know that Buddhism is Godless and void of Jesus Christ.  However, how many know that their leaders officially consult unseen entities for guidance? These spirits take possession of the person used as the medium and cause them to hiss and writhe and spurt out the information the Dalai desires to learn. Need I say more?

I am just sounding an alarm that many other philosophy/faith systems have demonic influences even though this aspect of their faith is not normally made known to the West. Many young people are drawn to these belief systems, unsuspecting and uninformed – I am just sounding an alarm.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Ephesians 6 11:13 


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4 thoughts on “Demonic Bhuddism ?

  1. arialkn on said:

    As far as i know, the basic of Buddhism is just a seek of peace by modest and humble that eliminates the ego. Though some have made religion out of it.

    Islam, as you had written, has no tolerance for others, and they can accept the two other biblical religions only while they are inferior.

    • That’s true…I agree with you about Buddhism being viewed as a philosophy of peace and balance that eliminates the ego. The issue I found disturbing is that this seemingly peaceful philosophy/faith uses means that I would consider demonic to glean intelligence which they deem vital in order to handle spiritual issues as well as issues of state. This happens at the highest level, with the Dalai Lama. The film shows the Dalai, with his explicit permission, consulting this oracle which wasn’t in the least “peaceful” and balanced. I think that the big danger is that this so called peaceful philosophy is being directed by unseen spirits, and that can’t be good. It is a sign of the times that things are twisted and presented in deceiving terms…

  2. If I wrote a blog post about Catholics and throughout identified all Christians as Catholics you would probably see that as a shortcoming in the writing. You have done this with Buddhism.

    • Ah! I am glad that you wrote that, I was certain that there would be some misunderstanding some where along the line. I don’t identify Buddhism at all. The issue isn’t with the Buddhists. They know what they espouse, and choose to do so. Buddhism has always been portrayed as peaceful, harmonious and as a philosophy that even went so far as to show compassion for others, especially the poor and to diminish the ego. My issue is that how can something which is supposed to be so positive and balanced be governed by the word of demons? Granted, Buddhism is a God less religion. I don’t have an issue with that, as I said, there is a reason for everything to exist here on earth. My issue is that there is room for great deception by the youth that is drawn to many eastern belief systems because they are not aware that the leader of this faith system makes his decisions on affairs of state and spirit from his consultations with a demonic entity. So it’s not about criticizing Buddhists are calling them all demon worshipers. It is about shining the light on the fact that a system that is systematically presented to the west as peaceful and compassionate is governed through the ‘wisdom’ of a demon. Now, that does not render all Buddhists as evil. A Pope can be evil, while most Catholics are innocent. When we shed light on the fact that the Vatican is rocked with sex scandals and satanic ritual, does that mean that we consider God loving Catholics as evil people? No. Some Catholics don’t see it, some refuse to believe it, others are ashamed of the scandals but feel very comfortable in their faith. But someone who decides to convert to Catholicism now would be well advised to take a good look at the Vatican before he/she converts, so that they can be aware of who and what is making the rules for a system that he chooses to be a part of. This is all that I am trying to say about Buddhism. Many people in the West would think twice before adopting any practices in a system which is governed by demonic input. After all, if it is compassion that they are looking for, isn’t it available in Christian doctrine? Humility and rejection of the ego, aren’t they part of Christ’s teachings? I am just pointing out that this particular system has demonic intervention at the top, while Christian Doctrine is pure and stands opposite of this evil, to the core. It is just a duty of any Christian to point out the traps that exist in the world today, because as it says in the Bible, we are dealing with unseen forces. We all have to live in this world, and we have to do our best to live according to Christ’s teachings – to the best of our ability. Sure, we will slip, we are human. But when we see something that is led by such “oracles”, then we need to be made aware. Knowledge is prevention. Unfortunately when it comes to demons, there presence affects all. If the head of a faith group, through their rituals and practices, dapples with these unseen entities, they are putting all of those that associate themselves and align themselves with this faith in danger. this is just my opinion, but when I saw the video I felt that I needed to express my concern and warning. A faith system that professes compassion and humility and balance should never need to align itself to the words of unseen spirits spoken by a ‘possessed’ medium who is made to hiss, writhe and convulse in the process.

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