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Raiders of the Lost Book. T

Several years ago, Michael Rood was working on an apparent contradiction in the book of Matthew that had haunted him for years. He approached Nehemia Gordon, a textual scholar at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, who agreed to use his linguistic expertise to investigate the problem.
The revelations that ensued are thrilling the serious seekers of scriptural truth. Ancient Hebrew manuscripts of the Gospel of Matthew, guarded for centuries in the covert archives of Jewish synagogues, are now being brought to light. Early “church fathers” stated that Matthew wrote his Gospel in Hebrew, and now the seemingly contradictory Gospel records which have confused Greek Bible scholars for centuries, are finally harmonized in the Hebrew Matthew.

This 5-hour series details the epic discovery that clarifies the Gospel of the Kingdom that Yahshua taught his followers by both word and example. This revelation is shaking the Christian and Messianic Jewish world and is delivering believers from the nicolaitan system that Yahshua exposed and conquered — yet is alive and well in the manipulative world of man-made religion.
Join Biblical historian Michael Rood and his guest, eminent Hebrew scholar Nehemia Gordon, for this exciting multi-media presentation: Raiders of the Lost Book – Discoveries in the Ancient Hebrew Texts of the Gospel of Matthew.

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3 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Book. T

  1. I love to hear this guy teach. I may not always agree with everything he says, but he is dynamite and brings SO much truth to the table in such an eloquent, easy to listen to format. has a bunch more free videos of his.

    • He is something! a very “colorful” teacher indeed ! Full of life and passion…but he is serious in his knowledge, and he is eloquent, as you say. I have visited the yah tube channel…and I put the shabbat night live series on the blog, on the side column! We don’t need to agree with everyone we listen to,especially regarding the Bible, as a matter of fact it is much healthier to not agree on everything regarding scripture. The Scriptures ‘speak’ to each of us, because they are ‘alive’. As the Living Word, I don’t think that it would be saying exactly the same thing to everyone regardless of circumstances. And in our individual communion with the Scripture, we learn and understand things in a unique way – as determined by the Holy Spirit. So, not agreeing is actually quite good sometimes!

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