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Furniture fit for The Kingdom

Harrison Higgins builds furniture made to last literally hundreds of years. In this short film, the Virginia woodworker describes the ideas behind his furniture-making—and the beauty revealed when we treat the world around us as more than a resource or even a social cause, but as a sacrament. source


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4 thoughts on “Furniture fit for The Kingdom

  1. WOW WOW WOW – I’m filled w/ tears of joy over this post – your hands are blessed in making beautiful things! Remind me of a song sung to Jesus that goes like this:
    You make beautiful things out of dust; you make beautiful things out of us

    You are a beautiful gift to this world & I’m grateful to have come across this post! Thank you! xoxo

  2. How does one purchase such beautiful things?

    • Thats a good question! He has a website with contact information…Just google his name ! I wanted to showcase his work in the previous post because of the grace of God which flows through him and through the work. Im not posting any info on his actual business to avoid any possible misunderstanding from anyone reading this blog that I am endorsing or advertising, because I do not receive commissions from any company, nor do “run ads”. So, that being said, I’m glad that you enjoyed the video, I think that watching beautiful things emerge from handiwork using the pure materials from God’s creation is such a blessing!

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