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Weather plays havoc with final hours of Obama visit

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Winds, dust clouds ground presidential choppers, lead to cancellation of formal airport farewell ceremony

Bethlehem on Friday, awaiting a belated President Obama amid a sandstorm (photo credit: Channel 2 screenshot)
Bethlehem on Friday, awaiting a belated President Obama amid a sandstorm (photo credit: Channel 2 screenshot)


The arrival of inclement Mideastern weather Friday deeply disrupted the final hours of the visit to Israel and the West Bank by US President Barack Obama.

The air was filled with dust Friday morning and early afternoon, blown by strong winds. Visibility was minimal in and around Jerusalem, in the nearby West Bank area, and at Ben-Gurion Airport.

The president was supposed to be in Bethlehem at 12:30 p.m., for a visit to the Church of the Nativity, but only left Jerusalem shortly before 2 pm. He therefore met for far longer than expected at the King David Hotel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — an intended brief, summing-up meeting that extended for some three hours.

Obama had then…

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Locusts Arrive In Tel AViv, Northern Israel, Stunning Pictures

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Source: YNET

Despite an additional round of insecticide spraying in the south, Saturday saw swarms of the reddish grasshoppers descend upon the country, with some successfully making their way out of the south and into the center, and even northern parts of Israel.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, “These are a handful of locusts that have already been in the country since the beginning of the week.
גם בחוף הים בתל-אביב (צילום: אדריאן רוזנר)

Locusts at Tel Aviv’s beach (Photo: Adrian Rozner)

“In small numbers they are harmless,” the ministry promised, expressing hope that “from this point on, we won’t see any more massive swarms.” It cited the completion of an additional round of insecticide fumigation Saturday.
על החול באשדוד (צילום: ריטה גולדשטיין)

Ashdod beach (Photo: Gali Buknick)

“As of yet, we have not registered any additional swarms as arriving,” the ministry hopefully added in a statement.
ולהרצליה (צילום: דן לזר)

Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv (Photo: Dan Lazer)

Those locusts already in the country are…

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