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prophecy being fulfilled!

March 1, 2013 Prophecy News Frank DiMora

The Vision of Ezekiel

A Message Last Night from the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded by angels, by Giaquinto, 1750s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I woke up close to dawn having heard a voice telling me  these three things :” I watcheth over thee” “end time sermon‘ “copied“. I know that I heard more fluid description, but I could only retain those three fragments. I immediately wrote these down. This is what I had to work with.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to act on this, I think that the Holy Spirit guided me to ” copy”  (share) a sermon, an end time sermon which discusses how the Lord is watching over us.(“I watcheth over thee”).

My only source to find sermons would be online, and as soon as I started looking for a relevant end time sermon I came across this sermon, immediately. And it spoke to me. This is what I was meant to share. Hallelujah!  God’s Name be Praised!


God’s wrath and all man’s abominations.

“An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come. The morning is come unto thee, O thou that dwellest in the land: the time is come, the day of trouble is near, and not the sounding again of the mountains. Now will I shortly pour out my fury upon thee, and accomplish mine anger upon thee: and I will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense thee for all thine abominations. And mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: I will recompense thee according to thy ways and thine abominations that are in the midst of thee; and ye shall know that I am the Lord that smiteth.”

God’s word is spoken and it accomplishes what it is intended to do. There is nowhere in Scripture that Jesus ever declared that what the Father called an abomination in the Old Testament were no longer valid. There is nowhere in Scripture that Jesus ever declared that any sin is justified because mankind is getting older, wiser or more modern in their thinking, for who is man that the Lord should take account of him?

There is nothing man, man’s laws or decrees, can do to avert the coming judgment, as it is written, repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. We have seen all the signs, read all the prophecies and have understood Gods will for man, whether it is days, weeks, and months or even years from now, the end is still near, even at the door. For it’s not the end of the world that a man should contemplate, though it will come to pass, but it’s that man’s own life that he must consider.

Biblical prophecy is not easy to understand, we must remember that it is not just one prophetic word that is needed to understand prophecy but a combination of events. Just as with the Mosaic Law, Jesus came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it, and nothing shall come to its climax until all of it is fulfilled.

An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come. In understanding Biblical writing we must note that when an item is mentioned twice, the Lord wants us to pay closer attention to what is being said, just as in the verse above, the end is come, what end? The end spoken of, all throughout scripture is the end of time, world history and the reign of mankind over what God has established and created.

Man’s reign has created the abnormal acceptance of sin, unrighteousness and all manner of abomination which are contrary to Gods word and common sense. In my lifetime I have seen laws and edicts come about that desire all men, Christian or not, to embrace alternate lifestyles and false religions, many have even attempting to eliminate Christianity, The mention of God and His Christ and the elimination of the House and nation of Israel.

God’s wrath is slow in coming, His judgment upon men is hesitant but His patience will eventually run its course, for it is Gods will that no man should perish but all men should come into repentance. The Lord takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked or unbeliever, but His plan for saving mankind will not be altered. Men today mock God and His word, they lift up hands in defiance of the Holy One of Israel, they attempt to change times and laws’, knowing that judgment is just a heartbeat away. The spirit of anti-Christ rules the life of many, Satan has deceived multitudes and even nations, and mankind is running to Armageddon as fast as they can.

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; (Stating that no man knows the day nor hour.) in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise (The things that we call space and its planets. Some have speculated that the noise that will be heard is God releasing the atoms that hold everything together.), and the elements (The matter or substances which compose all things natural.) shall melt with fervent heat (an all-consuming fire or heat.), the earth also and the works (man’s legacy and history, his evil accomplishments, his laws, his false religions, buildings and shrines’, monuments, etc.) that are therein shall be burned up.

We are clearly seeing the change in laws and times, we are clearly seeing Biblical prophecy come to pass, our air, water and food supplies are dwindling, are polluted and have been a great source of conflict around the world. Famine and disease, wars, rumors of wars, conflicts, earthquakes and natural disasters are everywhere, but mankind have taken a blind eye to these things calling them natural occurrences.

They have taken the same stance that the children of Israel took against God and His prophets, “Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” Man believes that since they have not seen God or His wrath, they can continue to enjoy sin without recompence, they have deceived themselves. The poor have and will continue to suffer, the labourers shall continue to be robed of their wages, finances shall continue to dwindle and all this according to prophecy.

Many desire to make peace with the enemies of righteousness; desire to compromise the truth, to save their lives, which is prophesied by the teachings of Christ who spoke of the end days; “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it (speaking of those that will deny Christ to continue to live in this life.) and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” (speaking of those that will not deny Christ no matter what the cost, even unto death.)

We see this happen on a day by day basis, these Christians that are murdered will be avenged, not by man but by the Lord God. In these times we have seen the lack of interest in the protection of the Christian and Jew, in man’s eyes we are expendable, and for they believe we are a hindrance to peace, a radical element, a lost cause. The Lords wrath shall be poured out without measure; the blood shed by the innocent shall not be in vain.

Eze 7:6-9, 2ndPeter 3:10, Mat_16:25

Gog and Magog

Alexander building a wall against Gog and Magog



“It’s okay, little boy,don’t cry, Harry Potter had his forehead marked too!”, said the man with the needle in his hand.


Can you imagine such a scene?  People, young and old, forcibly getting their foreheads marked, in the name of evil? We are told that it is part of the plan in the Book of Revelation, yet it is hard for us to even imagine an innocent child being branded in this way.


English: Fresco illustrating the Aocalypse (Bo...

English: Fresco illustrating the Aocalypse (Book of Revelation) Osogovo Monastery, Macedonia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The whole notion of this type of marking of the forehead in the name of the Anti Christ is disturbing and frightening at the very least.  We know that it is part of Satan’s plan to enforce the marking of people’s foreheads, as it has been shown to us in the Book of Revelation.


Why the forehead?


Satan uses imagery, ideas and truths from our Christian faith and twists them to his liking to trap us and to prevent us from following Christ.  The mark on the forehead is not something new to Christians. It was used by God in the Old Testament to mark his believers during a turbulent time in Jerusalem.


And the Lord said to him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in the midst of it. Ezekiel 9:4


Old testament window

Old testament window (Photo credit: Henry McLin)

Many Christian churches anoint their people with oil making the mark of the Cross, and marking their foreheads with ash on Ash Wednesday. This practice protects, commemorates, marks, and celebrates the fact that the person bearing this mark is a follower of Christ, a child of God and someone who is a part of His Kingdom, forgiven and saved.


Then Satan comes and uses this very practice, twisting and contorting  it.


Also he compels all alike, both small and great, both the rich and the poor, both free and slave, to be marked with an inscription  stamped on their right hands or on their foreheads,  Rev 13:16


We all want to be marked on our foreheads only with the mark of God.  It is the second marking, the one by Satan that we must never yield to.


An excellent post about this marking can be found at the Cross and the Cutlass.


How can our children and grandchildren understand this, when they are exposed to fiction that encourages this Satanic marking?  I am not a fanatic.  I enjoy literature and I believe that God gave us imagination and a talent to express it in many ways, including writing.   I feel that reading books is necessary to broaden one’s perspective, enhance the imagination and to increase one’s knowledge .  How can one attain eloquence without the proper exposure to properly spoken and written language which expresses depth and ideas? But as edifying as many books can be, some books on the contrary can seem quite harmless at a glance but in essence they are quite toxic or even dangerous.


Potter fans wait in lines outside a Borders in...

Potter fans wait in lines outside a Borders in Newark, Delaware for the midnight release of the book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, it goes without saying that we cannot allow children’s literature to escape our attention.  I am not advocating a witch hunt approach, that makes things worse.  If a society begins banning books, it makes them all the more desirable.  My opinion though is that parents, grandparents, churches, bible study groups, Sunday schools or whatever other group has access to children in this vulnerable time should make it a point to address the children about the presence of quite dangerous concepts that exist  in some of the books, games, and entertainment that are popular in society.


Satan Girl

Children need to be made aware that some works of fiction actually carry poisonous examples that are rooted in evil.  One possible way to handle the Harry Potter issue and its evil allegory is to have the child read the Chronicles of Narnia.  This way a parent can show the child how fantasy can be allegorical of either good or evil.


Ezekiel Saw the Wheel, ca. 1944-1945



Do children like to hear about awesome creatures and extraordinary events? Read to them Ezekiel 10 about the Whirl Wheels. Show them that the extraordinary and awesome do not have to be evil, or fighting for evil.  The strongest, fiercest and most awe-inspiring beings are working for God to destroy evil, such as, but not limited to, the whirling wheels with eyes in Ezekiel.

English: Engraved illustration of the "ch...

English: Engraved illustration of the “chariot vision” of the Biblical book of Ezekiel, chapter 1, made by Matthaeus (Matthäus) Merian (1593-1650), for his “Icones Biblicae” (a.k.a. “Iconum Biblicarum”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is an article I found that discusses the Harry Potter issue in detail that I thought is valuable for parents of children who have read Harry Potter books pointing out the symbolism and the allegory that is potentially quite dangerous. The danger lies in the very quiet fact that it allows for a generation of children and young adults to be even more comfortable with accepting things which we know from the Book of Revelations to be Satanic Strategies used during the Anti Christ’s reign.


English: Satan as Antichrist

English: Satan as Antichrist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forewarned is always forearmed.





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