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A “Rood” Awakening

Fellow blogger Pete Rambo, from natsab, recommended  some videos in one of his comments on this site.  The videos are a series of presentations by Michael Rood. They are absolutely fantastic – biblical history, Jewish history and Rood also brings the “gentile” Christian into the true Jewish perspective and foundation of Christianity.

This video is about Sodom and Gomorrah. A compelling and fascinating journey to the ruins of the brimstone.

Michael Rood also created a wonderful presentation about the Temple of Solomon.  This was truly an eye opener…I never realized how immersed in a pagan infrastructure we (modern-day Christians) are.  Please watch! They are extremely informative, presenting many extremely important facts and intricacies about the foundations of the apostles and the followers of Christ, the very first Christians, that are not normally “available” to the  Western “Gentile” believers that are unfortunately and unknowingly caught in the “Christian system” that has established itself in the west.


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