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Let No Pagan Judge You


Urgent!!!! Prayer Request from Tel Aviv – for REVIVAL !


Powerful: Word For The Year 2013/ Johnathon Cahn

“…Victory comes with worship and faith….” Great video

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

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Samaritans Among Us

Virgin Birth Exposed!!


Sis Connie sent this link to me.  WOW!!  What an awesome teaching!!

Pull up a chair and be blessed!!



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Throwing Stones

Morning Meditations

jacobs-wellDo not throw a stone into the well from which you drank.

-Bava Kama 92b

The Talmud states that this folk saying is related to the Torah commandment, “Do not reject an Egyptian, because you were a dweller in his land” (Deuteronomy 23:8). Since Egypt hosted the Israelites, we, their descendants, must acknowledge our gratitude.

The brief period of tranquility that our ancestors enjoyed in Egypt was followed by decades of ruthless enslavement and brutal oppression. Thousands of newborn Israelite children were murdered. This unspeakable horror more than obscured any favorable treatment they had received earlier, and our natural inclination is to despise the Egyptians with a passion.

The Torah tells us to take a different path. Although we celebrate, every Passover, our liberation from this tyrannical enslavement and commemorate the triumph over our oppressors, we have no right to deny that we did receive some benefit from them. Even…

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