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Dinosaurs and the Bible

…Could it be that Lucifer had reign over this earth before he rebelled against God and became Satan? Could it be that the inhabitants of this planet (dinosaurs and cavemen and whatever else may have been here) were led into rebellion against God by the fallen angel Lucifer, who became Satan? Could it be that the earth was destroyed prior to Noah’s Flood? Science says it was. Since the earth was covered with water in Verse 2 of Genesis, could it be that the earth was destroyed by flood twice?

What was the command God gave Noah’s family? Genesis 9:1 And God blessed Noah and his sons,and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply and REPLENISH the earth. KJV What does the term “replenish” mean? It means to “refill”. What had happened that Noah was told to “refill” the earth. The flood of course.

Where else in the bible can we find the commandment to be fruitful, multiply, and replensih the earth? In Genesis 1:28 we read And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, multiply, and REPLENISH the earth and subdue it. Who was God talking to? Adam and Eve. Why were Adam and Eve commanded to “replenish” or “refill” the earth unless the earth had once been full and something had happened to wipe out the life that was on the earth. …

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Noah’s Ark is up and operating, not in Mount Ararat but the Netherlands

Repent The End Is Near/ Are You A Scoffer?

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

“I found this on line this morning from FB, the Last Day’s Christians site, and just had to do a short post on it.  It caught my attention!


2Peter 3:3-10

  • “First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.”
  • “They will say, ‘Where is this coming’ he promised?  Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.”
  • “But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water and by water.
  • “By these waters also the world, of that time was deluged and destroyed.”
  • “By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being dept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.”
  • “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With…

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Satan wants to change our DNA…The Second Coming of Christ Will Be Soon.

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Nephilim (Photo credit: catwommn)


Im listing a few thoughts that have been crossing my mind today. I can’t really ‘put them together’ in some sort of cohesive statement because we are watching things unfold in God’s grace right before our eyes. Events are happening so quickly, the world is changing so rapidly, and that will ‘put everything together” for us!

But here are some bullet points outlining a theme of what is happening regarding Satan and our DNA. The bullets may appear to lack cohesion or flow of thought, but each bullet point is just an outline of information that whole books could be written about. Some of this may seem “extreme” to some people, but  I am posting this because I feel that it is a tremendous danger today more than ever. I am doing my job in sounding the alarm.


Everyone has their role to play in spreading the Word and in keeping God’s army vigilant and strong – upholding the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Kingdom to which we belong.


But for as long as we are here, in this earthly kingdom in Satan’s domain, we have to fight in this unseen battle between good and evil. The unsaved unfortunately have a hard time even understanding that such a battle exists.  They are under the influence of the satanic mindset. This is a horrible and cruel fact.  It is very sad to see people losing their chance to reach God and to experience salvation from Jesus.  Satan has successfully spun a foggy web that keeps them far away from being able to see and experience the truth.


In this web that Satan spun, incredible systems of deceit  – such as the new age belief system, the atheist movement, false Christian teachings, carnal Christianity and many other groups- are securely fastened, keeping a firm grip on the people, keeping them “happy” and not letting them escape the dark web, keeping them far from the Light of God. Somehow, in his well masked guises, Satan has corrupted the physical/ mental /emotional health of these people. Is their DNA unscathed?



The saved population, that uphold the Word and teachings of Jesus Christ, and that live by the Scripture, who repent and who are not ‘of’ this world, are subject mostly to the satanic genetic manipulations that create disease and suffering.  They are not subject to the ‘mind control” and the DNA manipulation by mixing with evil (see bullets), because God gave them control to hold back Satan and authority over Satan and his minions. This is because Satan can not gain control of those with the Holy Spirit.   However, the saved population is exposed to the environmental hazards and the biochemical toxins that cause genetic damage.

3 and every spirit which does not acknowledge Yeshua is not from God – in fact, this is the spirit of the Anti-Messiah. You have heard that he is coming. Well, he’s here now, in the world already! 4 You, children, are from God and have overcome the false prophets, because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 5 They are from the world; therefore, they speak from the world’s viewpoint; and the world listens to them. 6 We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God doesn’t listen to us. This is how we distinguish the Spirit of truth from the spirit of error.

1 John 4:4  CJB


The Resurrected Jesus pulls Adam and Eve out o...

The Resurrected Jesus pulls Adam and Eve out of their graves, with Satan bound in Hell, Chora Church, Istanbul, c. 1315. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here are a few bullets that are on my mind today:




  • Satan was given a sentence from the beginning, in Genesis. When God punished him for deceiving and corrupting Eve, he was told by God that his descendant would be in enemies with “her” descendant..


15 I will put animosity between you and the woman, and between your descendant and her descendant; he will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel.” Genesis 3:15 CJB


  • “Her” descendant at first glance would mean Eve’s descendant. But it specifically says ‘her” not Eve’s. Also, a woman can not have a descendant that isn’t also the descendant of her husband.  After all, all humans descend from both father and mother. But God said to Satan that it is your (Satan’s) descendant to be in animosity with her descendant.  That prophecied from the very beginning of Genesis the birth of Jesus, the ultimate enemy of Satan and who will also crush him completely. Jesus Christ is the only person that could be born on earth and physically be a descendant only from only His mother, as His Father is God. Therefore Genesis 3:15 refers to the battle between Jesus and Satan.
  • God was in full control of the gene pool of His children. He designed the DNA  and designed our individual “codes”.:
  • For you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    14 I thank you because I am awesomely made,
    wonderfully; your works are wonders —
    I know this very well.
    15 My bones were not hidden from you
    when I was being made in secret,
    intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
    16 Your eyes could see me as an embryo,
    but in your book all my days were already written;
    my days had been shaped
    before any of them existed. (psalm 139 :13 – 16) CJB

  • Satan, knowing his sentence, seeks to corrupt the gene pool of the humans.  He knew, from the sentence that God gave him, that God was going to send, through a human female only as a physical descendant, the One that will Conquer and Destroy Satan.  (“he will bruise your head” – that is where the venom is, and that also symbolizes the very top, the pinnacle, the “source” of Satan’s being and evil).  The Son of God, Jesus Christ, who would have spiritual seed from the Father and physical seed by His mother was due to arrive at one point on earth.  By corrupting the gene pool, making the pure creations of God fall to the state of corrupt ungodly creatures, Satan could create his own descendant, his physical seed, that will serve to be the anti-Christ to fight the “enemy”.
  • The fallen angels then came onto the earth and have children with the daughters of man.  How can Satan’s enemy come out of this corrupted and evil gene pool, that is just like Satan, cruel and ungodly? This tactic would make a suitable female ancestor for God’s plan very difficult to find.  Satan ruled over this corrupted gene pool, and these offspring of the fallen angels and women were known as nephelim, or the giants.  Their notoriety was worldwide, and all mythology and ancient history and folklore discuss the power hungry “gods” which actually were the nephelim.
  • The world became extremely corrupt, base and evil due to the overwhelming influence and rule of the nephelim and over the generations, the continued rule of their offspring. God singles out Noah and his family as being ‘pure” – he was one of the few godly men who were pure, meaning free of nephelim traits.
  • Noah is instructed to build the ark and to populate it according to God’s instructions. And the deluge sets in. The world’s population is destroyed. God wiped out all of the nephelim and the populations of people that carried their genes.
  • We all are descendants of Noah’s children. This is a pure gene pool, free of nephelim dna corruption.
  • Out of this pure and God controlled DNA came the generations after Noah.  Out of these generations came Mariam (also called today Mary ), from the House of David, the girl chosen by God to give birth to the promised Messiah/Son of God that was sent to her womb by the Holy Spirit. Satan knew that from the Messiah he was to be crushed.
  • Battle ensued. Christ was victorious. But the final battle is NOW.
  • Now, during these end days, Christ is due to return to us soon.  This is when Satan is to receive the great blow to the head.
  • Satan is continuing to destroy human DNA for a variety of reasons.  First, he wants to wreak havoc and harm all of God’s creation – creating diseases and mutations.  He also wants to spawn an antiChrist (fulfilling God’s statement in Genesis about Satan’s descendant) and an army of antiChrist followers from populations of godless, cruel and base people with a genetic code that would be his creation and  under his control, not God’s.  These descendants would fight against Jesus and his believers. This genetic manipulation also serves another purpose. Satan wants to rule this kingdom, on the planet and in the air, in every way possible.  He will seek to thwart all of God’s creation.  Since Satan himself can’t ‘create’ like God, he will seek to take God’s creation and twist it, change it and contort it to his liking.  This is the only way that Satan can create his own “children” and followers.
  • Satan’s plan  has to unfold quickly to do this.  As the second coming of Jesus Christ, our Messiah, is coming soon, Satan is working to create a great apostasy – driving away people from God, from the Word and the Truth and Salvation of Jesus Christ.
  • This apostasy will serve Satan in controlling the masses that have lost their way to God and have fallen victim to Satan’s deceits. This apostasy will be filled with genetically mutated beings, programmed to think and act like Satan.
  • We see the “mutations” already.  They are evident in many people in the entertainment industry. They are evident in world leaders.  They are evident in many religious leaders.  They are evident in a majority of the masses – cold hearted and mean.  They are evident in the majority of the  youth – creating indifferent, cruel and violent people.
  • Some tools of mutation : chem trails, vaccines, micro chips, modified foods, drugs, man made viruses, invasive and/or destructive technology, transhumanism, genetic engineering, etc…
  • We see Satan’s plan to bring back the fallen angels once again and to create modern day nephelim. This time it is through UFO/Alien intervention and through tremendous campaigns to re establish the specific nephelim creatures back into the mainstream – such as zombies, vampires, werewolves, cryptids, beasts and monsters. These aren’t yellow journalism or “strange news”  items, (nor am I crazy !!!) .  These are entering our world and the young generation will be living with these abominations in their midst just like it was in the times of the Old Testament.  Many of these nephelim will be grotesque, others will be very attractive – just like it was in the early days of Genesis.  The offspring of the nephelim were very often superhuman gods some of whom were monstrous while others were said to be beautiful – but their intentions and their spirits were vile.
  • Our society is already infiltrated by these kind of people. It will only get worse.
  • That is how it was before Noah (called Noach in the Jewish Bible) was saved and the populations around him were destroyed.

For the Son of Man’s coming will be just as it was in the days of Noach. 38 Back then, before the Flood, people went on eating and drinking, taking wives and becoming wives, right up till the day Noach entered the ark; (Matthew 24: 37-38)





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