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Figures. Uber Liberal History Channel Twists Bible and Leaves Out Need for Jesus


The Word Made . . . for Television?

True Discernment

From Worldview Weekend:

Is there any greater book than the Bible? Is there any greater treasure than that Truth which has been handed to the Christian by God? Is there anything more relevant, more life-changing, more convicting, more comforting, than the very Word of God. No, beloved, there is not.

Yet, for reasons that far exceed the rationale of the regenerate, there are those who seek to twist and change this great Word so that it might be more relevant, more exciting, more enjoyed by those who stand as enemies of its Author. In this sad and unfortunate quest for more, the Truth becomes untruth and any benefit that may be derived from this Word is lost.

One may rightly inquire, what more could possibly be desired? Is it adventure the reader seeks? What greater adventure is there than the story of a nation wandering in the wilderness for 40…

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An Anime Series for the children( and the whole family!) – Flying House Episode 1

Christian Broadcast Network distributes a 52 episode anime series for children. It is a wonderful series of Christian Animation depicting the adventures of three children, a robot, a professor and a time machine that takes them back into many historical periods including the times of the New Testament, where they are able to see some of the Bible in action.

Personally, I haven’t seen all the episodes, but I thought that I would share this along for those looking for something good/decent for their children to watch!

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