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Video: Tornado in Victoria 22 March 2013 – Australian driver


Bangladesh Tornado

End Time Bible Prophecy

Tornado rips through villages in eastern Bangladesh, leaving 20 people dead, 200 injured

DHAKA, Bangladesh –  A tornado that ripped through 20 villages in eastern Bangladesh has killed 20 people and injured 200, a government official said Saturday.

Initial reports said at least 10 people were killed and a newspaper put the toll for the injured at 500 in the storm that lashed the distant villages in Brahmanbaria district on Friday.

On Saturday, local chief government administrator Noor Mohammad Majumder said the death toll had climbed to 20 people, with another 200 injured in the powerful storm.

The local Prothom Alo newspaper reported that the 15-minute storm destroyed many homes and shops, and toppled a large number of trees and electricity poles.

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Breaking News: Meteor Sighted Over East Coast – 3/22/13

Blood Moons John Hagee – Full Version – You Have Got To Watch This One!

Unexplained boom baffles experts, residents: heard in four Illinois counties

The Extinction Protocol

March 21, 2013ILLINOISThe mystery of the “loud boom” heard in parts of the region over the weekend may go unsolved, as efforts to find the source of the boom proved a bust Monday. Hundreds of people in at least four counties — Franklin, Hamilton, Saline and Williamson — flocked to social media to report hearing a windows-rattling, earth-shaking boom between 1 and 2 p.m. Saturday. No damages or injuries were reported as a result of the boom. “I have no way of knowing exactly what occurred but it was not likely an earthquake,” geophysicist Don Blakeman of the National Earthquake Information Center said. “There is nothing on our lists, only the last one on the 11th (near Benton).” Some earthquakes are heard as well as felt, he said, but if it was so widespread as to be heard in four counties, “We would be able to…

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STRANGE SOUNDS heard worldwide / This is one of them (Texas)

sounds like something “opening”…..

End Time Bible Prophecy

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Giant Bubble Evolving into One of the Brightest Stars in Milky Way


Large asteroid heading to Earth? Pray, says NASA

Comet To Soar Over Israel During Obama’s Visit: Is This A Final Sign Of Prophecy?

Solar Storm Passes Earth

Earth approaching objects – Tuesday March 19th, 2013

Wake-up call or omen? Three ‘near’ misses in one weekend

The Extinction Protocol

March 11, 2013SPACEDiscovered just six days ago, the 140m Asteroid 2013 ET passed about 966,000 km from Earth on Saturday. That is about 2.5 times as far as the moon, fairly close on a cosmic yardstick. “The scary part of this one is that it is something we didn’t even know about,” Patrick Paolucci, president of Slooh Space Camera, said during a webcast featuring live images of the asteroid from a telescope in the Canary Islands. Moving at a speed of about 41,843 km/h, the asteroid could have wiped out a large city if it had hit Earth, added Slooh telescope engineer Paul Cox. Asteroid 2013 ET is nearly eight times larger than the bus-sized asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia last month, injuring 1500 people. The force of the explosion, equivalent to about 440 kilotons of dynamite, created a shock wave that shattered windows…

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