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End Times | Rapture & Jewish Wedding

…What does Scripture mean when it refers to the church as a bride and Jesus as a bridegroom? Is this just flowery language? Is it merely indicating God’s love for His people? Understanding ancient Jewish wedding practices makes the meaning of Scripture clear. The wedding is a picture of the covenant Jesus made and reveals His plans to return for His bride, the church. The people of ancient Israel understood what Jesus was going to do because they understood the model of the wedding. The analogy between a wedding and Christ and the Church is described in Ephesians 5:31-32, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” This is a profound mystery — but I am talking about Christ and the church.” The following overviews the practices of an ancient Jewish betrothal and wedding. In parallel, it shows how Jesus has fulfilled the betrothal portion of the wedding and how He may fulfill the remainder when He comes again for His bride, the church.

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A Warning For All From God Given To My Father, A Prayer Minister: Please Read!



This message was received by me tonight via email.  My father forwarded this to people involved in his ministry, church, friends, family, etc. tonight with a sense of urgency to get it out.  So I am doing my part as well and sharing the message he received with everyone I can.  -Lyn Leahz

“I just got done with my prayers for the evening. In conclusion I asked God if he could give me something profound that I could pass on to all of you…..With no hesitation, God gave me two words….”BE PREPARED”….This can have a lot of different meanings unless you know what I have been studying and praying about lately.

“Be prepared for the time of tribulation. Be prepared for events that could happen in this country that could radically change our lives…..Pray….STUDY….And I can not drive home that one enough. We need to be prophecy wise. We need to…

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3rd wave of locusts from Sinai takes Israel by swarm

Signs in the Heavens. This is a “must watch”


Watch “Hal Lindsey Report (3.8.13)”

Please, Please Watch This, It Is My Greatest Fear, That People Will Wait Too Long!The Secret Rapture: Satan’s Secret Weapon

This is a crucial and vital message….

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

“It is with great love that I bring this.  It is one of my greatest fears, that people will be waiting for the sign of the rapture, and will be lost.  Or follow the beast.  Please keep an open mind and watch this, and at the very least, keep it in the back of your minds.  But I have to agree the Time is Now for we won’t get a second or third chance!”

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The Ancient Book of Enoch. Is It Addressing Us In The Last Days? Ken Johnson on Prophecy In The News

The Rapture – An Invention of Man


The Rapture – An Invention of Man.

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